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By Nerrissa Crawford, Morgan Jordan, Stephany Rollins, and Te’Aja McCoy


In this playlist, narrators discuss topics surrounding a common theme of health and wellness in minority groups as it relates to medical mistrust, cultural competence, cognitive change and depression, and contributions to the poor health in minority communities. Ysaura Rodriguez, a Hispanic healthcare worker, explains that communication, trust, and patient priority has allowed her to feel comfortable with her medical provider, regardless of time and differences in identity. William Sessions, an African American nonprofit owner, stresses the importance of dedicating enough time and genuine care to patients because each patient has different needs based on how they live and who they are. Crystal Deshazor discusses how being an African American female without health insurance has often affected the quality of care she and her daughter has received. Kesha Neely is an African American healthcare worker who details how people in her community have limited resources and suffer from generational curses. Stephen Coles is an African American healthcare worker who reflects on the biggest limitations in health care: finances, transportation, miscommunications, and education. Denise Williams is an African American case manager, who battled depression after dropping out of ECU and being pregnant with her son, soon, she was diagnosed with depression after receiving care from a vocational rehab center. She recalls that trauma became a significant part of depression for individuals battling depression. Betty Jenkins is an African American health care worker became depressed after the loss of two siblings, after receiving counseling.

Student Essays

Racism and Medical Mistrust in the Black Community

By Morgan Jordan Racism and Medical Mistrust have been a barrier for the Black community for as long as medicine has been around. Black people worldwide, including right here in North Carolina, have been subjected to repeated trauma caused by … Read more

Aging and Depression: A Topic of Marginalization in the Mental Health of African American Elders

By Nerrissa Crawford Depression is a common mental disorder affecting 5.7% of older adults and still, this universal experience is underserved in African American elders. While navigating the process of aging, elders are battling with ongoing emotional symptoms of depression … Read more

Contributions to Poor Health in Minority Communities

By Te’Aja McCoy How important is a healthy lifestyle? What does it mean to you? Whether it means spending more time with your grandchildren or living to see your thirtieth birthday, a healthy lifestyle is extremely important and often very … Read more

The Effect of Cultural Competence on the Doctor-Patient Complex

By Stephany Rollins “[E]very kind of disease they were testing me for when nobody did a simple test to find out if I had mononucleosis. It didn’t even occur to them…because all the researchers are thinking, ‘Ah! We’ve got an … Read more