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By Galilee Ambellu, Emma Gillis, Täu Moon, Abigail Pugh, and Raekwon Williams


Social Determinants in Healthcare are the focal region of this playlist, which places community, discrimination, and the onion that is the healthcare amalgamation under a microscope.  This playlist has subtopics, the personal perspectives of several individuals including Crystal Deshazor, a community health worker, and intellectual boundaries placed on the experience of a healthy community.  She collaborates with the voice of Wilma Void, a government employee, to complete her thought by sharing the inequitable commercial state of her community as the two are consequentially paired.  Lori Hinga and Lisa McKeithan’s stories are employed together to discuss the labyrinth-like path to decent care, obstructed further by the lack of timeliness to the reactive system people find themselves all too often constricted by.  Nellene Richardson, a psychology major and political leader in Ward 3 of Rocky Mount, compartmentalizes (for comprehension) the status of the unfortunate necessities for a disadvantaged family as well as the personal catharsis that can result from individual empowerment for struggling women.  Barbara Brayboy is yet another voice of someone who has been let down by the healthcare system and gives her audience a first-hand account of her experience, in addition to how reactive medicine combined with not enough preventative resources can affect our younger generations.  Lata Chatterjee and David Caldwell take up the evening section of the essay when they highlight the hostile nature of healthcare to people new to it and the very necessity that is the lifeblood of, sometimes, what people spend generations to build as well as the adaptations someone in a foreign territory must make to survive in it.  We find that the safest way to protect the experiences that will be delineated in this playlist was to tell them to another person and to have them recorded, just as oral storytelling has been a time-tested method of cultural preservation.

Student Essays

Impact of Intangible Barriers on Healthcare

By Täu Moon Introduction There are many factors that engender potentially dangerous, even lethal, nuance in healthcare systems. Many of these often stem from the myriad differences in the composition of identity, character, background and phenotype from healer to patient … Read more

Health Disparities at the Intersection of Gender and Race

By Abigail Pugh Introduction Within the United States, 1 in 5 women report experiencing gender-based discrimination when visiting a doctor or healthcare professional with 9% of these women asserting that they have avoided seeking health care for themselves or their … Read more

Food Insecurity in Nash and Edgecombe County

By Raekwon Williams The Stories to Save Lives Project uses oral history methodology to document the health, illness, and medical care in many counties across North Carolina as a part of the Southern Oral History Project. The interviews from the … Read more

Racialized Health Disparities for North Carolina’s Unrecognized Tribes

By Emma Gillis Introduction Our study of medicine through literature focuses heavily on untold stories: the women, the minorities, the aging, the dying, and the families. The Stories to Save Lives Project relies on these untold stories and their ability … Read more

Intergenerational Trauma’s Impact on Black People’s Perception of the American Healthcare System

By Galilee Ambellu Introduction The psychological effects that slavery and racism have had on the Black population, also referred to as Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (PTSS), has forever impacted their perception of the word ‘safety’ in America. Humans are creatures … Read more