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By Jaelyn Davis, Michael Maizel, Tulsi Patel, Symone Welch, and Shamar Wilson


With a focus on how health insurance policies have impacted the United States, this playlist examines the US healthcare system on a national, state, and county level. These three perspectives are complemented with an analysis on the rural-urban divide in NC and explores how the mental health of minority groups are affected by disparities within health insurance policies. The playlist begins with Crystal Deshazor, who discusses her and her infant daughter’s experiences with Medicaid-appointed doctors that misdiagnosed and dismissed her problems. Upon seeing a regular doctor outside of Medicaid, though, their health issues were remedied. Regarding the national level of health policies, Angela Salamanca mentions her experience of putting her mother in an assisted living facility in Colombia. In a two-part clip, Christine Tabb speaks about how her income put her three dollars over the limit for Medicaid and offers a comparison to the European healthcare system. On a state level, Lyman Henderson, a dentist in North Carolina, expresses his frustrations about how he can’t perform any major surgeries on his patients with Medicaid. Albrea Crowder, a health administrator, discusses how many of her customers choose home health because of the expenses of doctor visits. From a localized perspective, Rossie Lindsey, a Chatham County resident, highlights her family’s access to healthcare prior to and after the introduction of the Affordable Care Act. In regards to the rural-urban healthcare divide, Darlene Spencer-Harris, a community organizer, discusses how many patients do not have access to transportation because they do not have Medicaid, decreasing the accessibility of healthcare. Denise Hunter, a physician, details how her father suffered from depression after a hospital policy prevented him from being able to work in a United States hospital because his credentials from another country were not accepted. Nor was it taken seriously by the healthcare professionals he spoke to. By incorporating numerous distinct viewpoints, this playlist sheds light on the multifaceted US healthcare system.

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